What the best thing in the chap ?

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Buggy becoming an emperor was something I was excepting to happen sooner or later but I must say that I am still surprised it happened so out of nowhere.
I can not wait to see what happened to the outside World.

Cutty Jewboy

I Can Go Lower
Notice that the dipshit said nothing lasts chapter now is just scrambling for any hope.

@Jew D. Boy

A pathetic sight to see, but one expected from @dizzy2341
The best part about Wano not ending is that he’s still hanging out despite taking a loss on every single argument he made over the last two years and literally 95 percent of the people who know him constantly saying he’s a dumb bitch, truly don’t understand why he wants to keep coming back for the abuse but I thank him for his tireless service :catsweat:
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