What the best thing in the chap ?

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Law and Kid: 3B bounty

Zoro: Still Luffy’s underling :suresure:
Goes to show how irrelevant the bounty is when Luffy negs Law and Kidd yet have same bounty

And while Zoro negs Law and Kidd and has lower bounty than them

Notice how Buggy became yonko well before these turds could?

WG knows even with their hacked bounties no one will take weak fucks like Low and Mid seriously as emperors
I'm not talking about Luffy ffs ...

I'm talking about Law and Kidd.

Luffy getting 3 billion is fine, but Law and Kidd both getting 3 billion, too, is just complete nonsense.

Nothing in the story justifies that. Heck, not even anything the marines know from a story standpoint (inner-manga logic) justifies that and Law is one of my favorite characters btw.

To then somehow make Luffy an emperor and the other two not, while they actually gave all of them the same bounty (mind you: bounty = threat level according to the lore) is just another questionable decision.

But who cares, overlord Buggy is Yonkou (this is a running gag I really did btw lol).
Emperor = Decided by people

Bounty = Decided by WG

Luffy already had the clout from Morgans declaring him 5th Emperor
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