What the best thing in the chap ?

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I am starting to dislike One Piece like i did with Naruto.

Oda is out of his mind lately.

You cannot low diff Yonkou Commander. Even in Marineford, whitebeard commander can challenge the Admiral.

i hope there will be an explanation why king and queen fall so easily. Maybe they have not fully recovered yet.

Also since WG knows that Luffy is nika aka joyboy, there is no way they will put Luffy's bounty equal with Kidd and Law.

Luffy should pose bigger threat than law and kidd.
Read the manga from top to bottom, you will never see this there. This is why fan made nonsense like YC1 is dangerous. But it's too late
Just gonna ask if the 3B for each are entirely 3B without decimals which could differentiate the three?
If they are exactly the same without decimal differences then Oda is dumb :suresure:
All of the bounties we have seen above billion are always different even if by a small amount

jack 1 bill
Kata 1.057 bill
Queen 1.32 bill
Marco 1.37 bill
King 1.39 bill
Teach 2.25 bill
Shanks 4.06 bill
Bm 4.32 bill
Kaido 4.6 bill
Wb 5 bill
Roger 5.5 bill
I don't really care enough to do bets. But I'll make sure to tag you and tell you, "I was wrong," if Zoro ends up fighting someone other than Kizaru.
Hes literally gonna fight Fuji. Kizaru does not suit a Zoro opponent.

Plus lets be real fighting Kizaru...will be like fighting Queen. Yall really want him to fight an idiot who will just spam lazers...

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Rofl,thats fine

Albeit,i think i will never see that tag as i dont check my alerts
I'll quote you with the info. Feel free to mock me for being wrong when it happens. I won't mind it. Just so we're clear, I strongly believe it happens but I don't believe it so much that I think there aren't other possibilities. At this point, you can take care of all 3 admirals to be Zoro's opponents.
Lol. King was leading his crew even when Kaido was alive and on the roof. What is he supposed to lead when his crew is destroyed and more than half enslaved ?
You sure it was that…? Seemed to me like King and Queen were taking care of equally important tasks like trynna tell Tobi Roppo what to do (they don’t even respect him enough to come out on his orders) and fishing out snitches in the crew. Queen did most of the Beast Pirate monologuing too. :kayneshrug:
When Jack could wreck Navy ships in battle against top tiers
Yet King and Queen gets low diffed by 1 top tier

Jack beats sulong army, matches dukes...

King and Queen need to team up to handle Marco
Jack didn't do any of that shit. Stop the cap. Cannons attack other ships, not Jack. And Jack did not fight Sulongs alone. He had a Number and countless gifters with him.
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