What the best thing in the chap ?

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Kaido remains top 1
Luffy si below Mihawk Akainu Shanks Dragon BB
He s maybe on par with bb
His bounty show his Win against Waido wasn t deserved and he got what he deserved 1.5b for contributing in a 1v15
Not creating anything, I'm giving you an example of what complete dominance is, beating someone with cheap unavoidable hax isn't that.

Context matters a lot, and how he beat them is very important, not only was it off-screen which heavily hurts your argument, but we're explicitly told that he beat them by sucking out their nutrients, that isn't complete dominance by any stretch.

If he had brutalized them physically then yes, that would have been crazy and you could wank that as much as you like, but beating them with unavoidable bullshit hax isn't impressive, a fucking newborn with his devil fruit could arguably do the same.
That sounds like you are grasping at straws

no admiral cares about exerting physical force when the hax can do the job for then while they have hands in their pockets
But you say that, not Oda.

- Oda never said that a character needs to beat someone into a pulp to make it dominant.
- Oda never said that beating someone with a DF is not as impressive as destroying them with a club.

Like i said. You're setting conditions yourself and then claim that their feat is not impressive when it doesn't meet your expectations.

And no a new born with a DF couldn't do that.
Let me ask you this, if Sugar beat King and Queen by turning them into toys, is she dominating them? She's beating them with unavoidable hax much like Ryokugyu is implied to this chapter, so according to your logic, she's completely dominating them.

Yes, a newborn with his fruit would logically be able to do the exact same thing and absorb nutrients to KO whoever it wanted to.


You can't win
I wonder if the remaining Shichibukai joining to form a single crew with Buggy mistaken as the captain could be a reason why he ended up considered as a yonko :endthis:
Big Mom with her three strongest homie weapons could not put Ulti down
She needed CoC coating to just take down the weakest tobi roppo
Lol at Big Mom soloing three admirals at the same time, let her get past one first
This thread is amazing, It's hilarious to see Zoro wankers being so confused about which character they should hype up and which one they should shit on now that they realize how strong the admirals are and EOS Sanji is guaranteed to take one down :milaugh:
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