What the best thing in the chap ?

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Sugar's toys have to follow her rules, same with King if she turned him into one

And her being slow is just dancing around my point, fact is that her using hax to beat them is no different from Ryokugyu, it's not "complete dominance".
Well it depends on situation he won in
If he is physically dodging their hits and landing his hits and then he uses his hax it means he can do same to big mom as she’s slower than king much less king and queen

but if he found King and queen lying on the floor and just took their energy then its a non feat
He doed, he stops to strongest attack by Kizaru who him atacked WB and Tanked easily.
Things Marco did in the war

- push back Kizaru, who was clean right after

- sneak attack Kuzan, who was clean right after

- get punched by Garp

- get sneaked attack by a VA

- let WB get stabbed

- let WB die

- let Akainu get past him despite having help
This mofo thinks scratching Kaido and getting sent by Fujitora into the ground counts as fights lmao.
Also what parallel? You mean Ryuma's parallel that Luffy stole? :gokulaugh:
Already deflecting with nonsense, let us know when Lanji fights, intimidates, hurts anyone above Jabra level. :suresure:
Luffy stole what? Joyboy could rival Ryuma, the Joyboy that is no longer in Wano. Don't tell me that Luffy gets carried by Joyboy's haki too? Seems likee you don't know how parallels work. :saden:
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