What the best thing in the chap ?

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You can also have interesting conversations about power differences between characters since power is also deeply tied to a fighting shonen where all the conflicts are resolved through fisticuff. It's senseless to think that powerscaling wouldn't be a major, if not outright primary, reason people read a story that targeted to teen boys that the main character always solves the major conflicts with his fists.

I'd say that powerscaling should take precedent over mystery bait as it's more than just theorizing shit that may or may not happen based on the writer's whims. At least with powerscaling you can point out potential writing flaws on the discrepancies between character's showings if they're inconsistent.
I think powerscaling can definitely be important when its done well, but besides hxh i cant rlly think of any shounen that do a great job w that. And im fine with mystery baiting as long as there is a PLAN from the beginning. Its really shortsighted to foreshadow events you havent even thought up yet and I think this is the downfall of a lot of popular manga/anime. I think its very likely we have a GoT situation on our hands to the extreme. 20+ yrs of build up all for a let down bc of the types of writing practices that get rewarded in the industry. The worst part is that even if the ending of OP is a disaster and universally hated, itll go down as one of the greatest successes as far as studios / production companies are concerned. why would they care if the ending sucks as long as they got to milk a quarter century of fandom…

All that being said I’m not TOTALLY cynical. Id be happy to be proven wrong and a lot of arcs in OP are great pieces of art on their own. Only time will tell if Oda deserves to be put on a pedestal like people say.

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Mihawk fans really think he can beat an Admiral when he got stalled by YC3 Vista.

Meanwhile Greenbull here casually no diffing YC1 and YC2. :suresure:
Eh, Mihawk just like playing with his food, I think. If Mihawk wanted to, he could have demolished Zoro in a single moment at Baratie, but he still let Zoro fight for quite a while. Mihawk just likes giving his opponent a chance to grow during battle, I guess. He enjoys testing swordsman, rather than trying to murder/maim them.

Don't know if Mihawk is on Admiral level, though. Mihawk vs Fujitora would be really fun to see.
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