What the best thing in the chap ?

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King wasn't impressed at all lmao. He knew he takes her ass out if she makes a wrong move.
Tries to act tough in front of a nerfed Yonko but still feeds her as a guest of honor. So beneath him that he lets his big boss another another Yonko take care of her because King > Yonkos in Sword Piece. Don’t you just love feeding your hostages as much as taking them? King learned from the very best after all, his boss was a pro. :joker:
This shouldn't effect how you scale Kid or Law to zoro, as despite his bounty, Oda clearly wants him to be a low top as well(as indicated by ACoC).

But people who still spam Kata>Kid/law need to stfu
No katakuri fan says Kata> law/kid

That's actually yo8 and the others who claom Marco/King > Kid
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I highly doubt Law and Kidd will even be in the fight against the WG....both will probably be aiming on taking a Yonko down and trying to become Yonko. Luffy wont care about that shit and will try on becoming the PK.

The allaince is highly likely ending in Wano.
Kidd technically never formed an alliance with luffy, he might try to fight luffy right there in wano, but if the wg gets their hands on nico robin I think kidd would help luffy to return the favor.
They aren't on par with BM

Luffy "is there anything scarier than Yonko?"
Everyone like SNs and including CP and Gorosei have Yonko as top guys in the world

So how does a dude with plant powers trash him easily since you need adcoc or some whatever AP?

So Wirh Plants, GB was able to overcome his flames and dura?
Luffy: I don't care if you're an emperor or an admiral, I won't run away
Oda: Bullet wants to become the strongest, he needs to beat Emperors and Admirals


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B—but matchups lol
Matchups don’t matter that much for Oda, and no way in hell Kid/Law is lumped in together with someone 2 billion below them
Bounties aren’t accurate strength indicators but it’s not that far off either. He clearly values Law and Kid
Luffy would beat the bricks off Law about it is not that far off :tchpepe:
Anyone who thinks king, katakuri are anywhere near kid and law are on massive copium hyper drive.
But like law and kid have no real haki feats their physicals are average at best as zoro right in front of them can move faster than they can even think their durability is okay at best and their best feat is dropping big mom off the hole.

Big Mom herself is barely above low top tier if Garp and Ray two low top tier teamed up big mom won’t be nerfed we’d see them exchanging CoC blows and in the end Big Mom would die

same if two zoro level characters teamed on her she would be killed

but Oda needed bombs and holes shinanigans

you could argue they are YC1 Level but calling them low top tier is just wank

its worse than me saying zoro is above yonko level already @Monkey D Theories
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