What the best thing in the chap ?

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btw ... on why Buggy being the Yonko is BEST option

1- no other man is strong enough or has enough political power to be a Yonko.
2- Buggy is a member of Golden Era during Roger's death so has to play his role
3- Buggy is deeply connected to Shanks and Luffy so he can help them at some point
4- unlikely people will join him and Oda can bring all of his side characters back to the main game
5- Yonko level still stand as highest level cause no LOGICAL fan will take Buggy as a real Yonko
Kidd and Law have bad crews, if he wanted them yonko now he should have writen them recruiting beforehand

Im glad the new yonko is someone that will trigger power level kids too. Imagine treating a manga like its making tiers in a fighting game lol

Imagine using omer buzzwords "ironically" (that only discord kiddies and glowies use) at current year, not even using right..... and while having a cringe fujoshit avatar "Ironically".. Lmao a femcel thats scared of bazongas is the last person to talk about touching grass and omerposting in forums even ironically, you never left your basement.
First of all what's omer?
Second of all, holy shit, but buzzwords much? Half of your words there are internet lingo.
What is a femcel? Or even fujoshit?
I know that you are a fellow Chadmiral enjoyer but I will answer this question since I’ve seen others ask this as well:

It is not possible for Oda to humiliate the Admirals in the same way that he humiliates the Yonko, since the Yonko is such an inherently meaningless and arbitrary title.

The rank of Admiral carries serious weight to it, you must literally be the strongest soldier in an army consisting of millions of soldiers. You can become a Yonko just by exploiting rumors that get out of hand and reputations that are not based on fact but are often based on rumor and misinformation. This is simply not possible for the rank of Admiral because the Marines are actively measuring the strength of their fighters.

You don’t become an Admiral by accidentally spreading lies about how strong you are, you become an Admiral by actually possessing strength. In that way, it is impossible for Oda to devalue the Admiral title unless Oda has the higher ups in the Government develop brain cancer.

Pissed his pants on sheer fright
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