What the best thing in the chap ?

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btw ... on why Buggy being the Yonko is BEST option

1- no other man is strong enough or has enough political power to be a Yonko.
2- Buggy is a member of Golden Era during Roger's death so has to play his role
3- Buggy is deeply connected to Shanks and Luffy so he can help them at some point
4- unlikely people will join him and Oda can bring all of his side characters back to the main game
5- Yonko level still stand as highest level cause no LOGICAL fan will take Buggy as a real Yonko
It doesnt matter. If Buggy is a Yonko. Yonko level is done
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Oh, how fiercely the opposition fought me on this one only to take an L...
Seems like teenager comics are too complicated for agendabois. :myman:

@Adamxero Wano ended, right? Dig your grave deeper! @Steven @BOCCHI @Buusatan94 Who else said it ended?
Law and Kidd just became Emperors, are they different compared to pre-Yonko status?
Here's another L Nik~chan, one of many as of late
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