What the best thing in the chap ?

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I easily saw Buggy becoming an Yonko for gag. Hard is to justify him being an Yonko.

What he did against SSG? He just ran? How he became Yonko after that? He has territories? An incredible crew?

My bet is that Buggy was the only Warlord that could get away from SSG. All others got defeated. Hard to think Mihawk, Hancock and Weevil got defeated by that.
Sounds like an ass chapter if true.

Law and Kid same bounty as Luffy massive L for Lolda to try keep making these two a rival to Luffy.
They are true

Oda gave all 3 the same bounty
That's why I said this chapter is filled with trolls
He trolled Luffy by making him share equal bounties with Law and kid even tho he beat a Yonko 1v1 and has nika powers
He trolled kid by making Buggy a Yonko
He trolled zoro fans Roo
Oh yeah and more
ONE PIECE 1053 SPOILERS - Luffy and Buggy are the new Yonko. Not Kid and Law. - Luffy, Kid and Law all have the same bounty - Buggy and the Straw Hat bounties aren't revealed. - The Wano Country Arc hasn't ended yet. We're still in Act3
If this is true...

Ok Oda wtf, Yonko Buggy cannot save these other decissions:beckmoji:
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