What the best thing in the chap ?

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How many copium bottles do you need to go through a month knowing that Wano didnt end? :cheers:
The Wano arc is done Lik no magic Kaido senzu bean no flower capital beheading no munster samurai moment.

Truly grasping on any W you can get when I never even ever disagreed Buggy would become a Yonko is truly the bottom of the barrel you've ever been


Buggy becoming Yonko cements that Koido is done


Zoro going to be known as world strongest second strongest defeater

They are true

Oda gave all 3 the same bounty
That's why I said this chapter is filled with trolls
He trolled Luffy by making him share equal bounties with Law and kid even tho he beat a Yonko 1v1 and has nika powers
He trolled kid by making Buggy a Yonko
He trolled zoro fans Roo
Oh yeah and more
Fucking Lolda.

Entering the final saga expecting us to believe Kid and Law have any chance to rival Luffy or Blackbeard


Take your break Loda you need it

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