What the best thing in the chap ?

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just a thought. I wonder if Roger was much stronger than WB, in the same way Luffy is much stronger than Kid and Law. Because Kid/Law seem to parallel WB in that they are the only ones who's bounties seem to rise alongside Luffy's.

While Roger did fight "equally" with WB, its clear that they weren't going all out. WB's powers can easily destroy an island, yet the island was clearly in tact by the end of their clash.
Furthermore, when Roger and WB did clash, Roger was terminally ill, WB wasn't. Effectively, dying Roger=WB. And there's decent evidence that suggests prime Roger>WB, as prime Roger took down Xebec.

idk, WB is said to have equalled Roger, but who knows how true that is. By looking at bounties alone, one could easily come to the conclusion that "Law=Luffy" or "Kid=Luffy", even though we all know that that is wrong.
pretty sure they were fighting even before he was diagonised with it. and i guess wb was the strongest even when rogers was pk.
kaido saying he was on the top was probably him being the pirate king not the strongest. it was never mentioned roger was stronger than WB.
Greenbull vs King and Queen.
Its off screened after their defeat?
So Greenbul just taking the trash out?
Btw any idea what is the pluton which is at Wano?
Dont tell me its the sea stone factory.
Or Pluton is some sword which is till now hidden?
But i think its not a sword right?
Wano alone county aside from elbaf to stand against gaints.
Ryuma a sword god who made it happen.
i won't be suprised if it's a sword.

a sword can cut through a whole island sounds like a good feat to me. or it's more or less a inherited ability like shirahoshi. blackbeard coating it is.

Only one black blade can exist at a time.
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