What the best thing in the chap ?

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and i guess wb was the strongest even when rogers was pk.
kaido saying he was on the top was probably him being the pirate king not the strongest. it was never mentioned roger was stronger than WB.
Honestly with this chapter, I kinda don't trust what "people say" anymore. On paper, Luffy=Kid=Law, but reality is different. Much like Luffy, Roger defined a generation, he brought down Rocks and become PK. What did WB ever do?

I absolutely love these bounty posters.
So it’s finally official Law won wano by a landslide:

-He shut up Kid fans, rather quick during the Meme fight. Being MVP, when he was supposed to be in the background.

-He shitTed on Ztards, completely outshined arsura. Has a superior bounty an Portrayal.

-An lastly match Luffy end of Wano bounty like I called years ago. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE you should be closing out ur account after this chapter. That old ass bounty bet should still stand.

I said pre wano law bounty would match Luffy. An his finisher would be >~, An of course every Tom dick an hairy couldn’t see it. Despite it having already happened on DR.

Mofo really thought Law was Capone.

I actually think the real winners were Mihawk and the Admirals LMAO
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