What the best thing in the chap ?

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No they weren't, in Marine Ford WB commanders were shown stalling an Admiral...with Marco and Jozu...if What GB did here was done by each of the Admiral in MF....things would have been far more easier for Navy in the war.
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if akainu can stand against 14 yc + crocodile and even take one of them down before the fight is interrupted by any logic he would easily win if it was just 2 yc.

and remember big mom subdued queen with just 2 attacks without using haki or df. oda is not making future enemies broken this is just the level of the top tier
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  • No backstory shown yet.
  • No idea why he's searching for the One Piece.
  • No idea why he's after Shanks.
  • No flashback for his fight against Shanks yet.
  • No clue what he's stolen from Big Mom.
  • Doesn't suck off the MC's balls.
  • Actual pirate, not some do-gooder preacher adventurer.
  • Already a 3B bounty with no bullshit devil fruit.
Oda always said he had great plans for his character. Get ready for some Captain Kidd greatness in the final saga.
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