Is Mihawk more powerful than Shanks?

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thats an assumption too... to us what matters is what shown in the story and marines are a circus atm with what's going on with Buggy and Franky.. even those have very dumb assumptions involved..

the questions is what are they using as a gauge to determine Mihawk is more skillful in swordman ship .. when we aren't told

- if Shanks ever lost to Mihawk

- if there aren't any accounts of Shanks and Mihawk fighting again after Shanks lost an arm

- No accounts of Shanks admitting inferiority

-no accounts of Mihawk winning against an opponent Shanks lost against

its pretty obvious that they aren't using anyof that.. then what are they basing that claim upon.. definitely not flioin CoO not that bs

Shanks loosing a hand a decade ago and the fact that Mihawk is deemed WSS after Shanks couldn't fight him after loosing an arm..

that is the most logical assumptions to go off of

but is that accurate.. its isn't but its nit fals either.. its inconclusive coz Shanks a decade later is different and the outcome can be different from the claim they made

what do you mean.... the didn't mention any hierarchy of strength between the Yonko'd strongest to weakest ...?
1. Vivrecard "Mihawk the World strongest Swordsman in name and reality"
2. Mihawk World strongest swordsman
3. Marines Mihawk the world strongest Swordsman
4. Mihawk is the Goal of the character who wants to be the World strongest Swordsman.

Are you slow?
Another take of mines and hear me out. This is in reference to garp, koby and helmeppo.

1. I think garp is actually a martial arts master whom has all 7 rokoushiki techniques as well as the skill life return as well as Fishman karate. Added with advanced coc and advanced coA and basic observation is how I think garp the fist was known as someone top tier without a fruit.

2. Koby is going to defeat boa. Alot of people are lost as to why I think this. But I believe that koby and helmeppo based on the fact that they had to get strong while elevating in marine rank had to rely on a method that helped with their training even when they don't have time to physically train (because they are doing marine duties). A good way to address this would be for both koby and helmeppo to have weights on 24/7 like recklee. The marines have the tools to make this happen. And it would explain their super fast growth in such a short time physically. With that being said I think it's safe to say that koby currently has all 7 rokoushiki tech, basic Fishman karate (if garp does have it), advanced coO, advanced coA, and and during boas fight awaken coc.

3. Helmeppo is an interesting case since I didn't know what to give him at the time but now I think I do. He isn't swordsman. Instead he is a blade practitioner. Meaning he should specialize in all combat uses of a blade. For example I can see him using blades as "throwing knives", "Juggling knives", "boomerang blades", "fencing", "spinning them to create sounds shock waves", "long ranged slashes". He will also have 6 of the rokoushiki techniques (not giving home rokogun" along with advanced coA, and basic observation haki
Problem is that when did mihawk make last serious matchup and with who ?

He said he is looking for valuable opponent for him and travel for it .

Why did not he clash with any yonkou then except shanks if he looking for stronger opponent .

So many unknown in the equation .
He’s looking a stronger swordsman than shanks now you tell me how many of you think is walking around stronger than shanks ? Nothing is unknown
he said he’s looking for a stronger swordsman not a stronger fighter huge difference 🤦‍♂️
CoO is a separate skill from way of blade by that logic. But we know Zoro won't lolturn it off during his WSS dual with Mihawk, right?
its can be superior and his way of the blade can be inferior too but we can agree that Haki is essential to swordsmanship

which can be dissected into
Haki, strength, skill with blade

basically swinging your sword in a very sophisticated way against yoir opponent .. haki just complements the skill and adds more flexibility to it

but Coc zoom call and CoC coo sabotager are more like intentional uses.. if Shanks can spam it then the just has an unfair advantage.. so its like when Mihawk uses some fancy Coo.. Shanks sabotages it..

to marines i think Haki is comparable when tl comes to Shnaks its just one arms less Mihawk has more "subtlety of blade" kinda thing LOL
Liked the Marine Hunter/Pirates Hunter thing between Mihawk and Zoro.

Croco seems to be one of the big names of the Underworld, and pehaps the one that have taken over it after Doffy defeat. He being he main Underworld boss would be a good way to explain his bounty.

Also kind lame that Franky got the 300m increase with Nami, Ussop and Brook. Was hopping for 400m one.

Seems the increases of the SH werent because of who they fighted, as no one seems to know exactly, but more for their association with Luffy and for taking part in the raid in general. With Robin one clearly getting this +800m because of her ability, that together with Nika fruit are the biggest threats to the WG.

Only Zoro and Sanji got the increase based in their beating Kaido main commanders, while Jinbei one can be in part for dealing with WsW, but think mostly for he being a formar Warlord, as we can see with Croco, Buggy and Mihawk, the WG clearly put their bounties very high up.

Of course there's a nonse with bounties after Jack introduction, that inflated the bounties to much for the sake of creating stakes, with Ace 550m being a Logia, a D., a commander of WB and Roger son seeing like total nonsense today.
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