One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

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How did the leakers not post this out of context... :lusalty:

Would have been such a nice bait for carrot fans...
It kinda was.
Remember that DruMzTV replied to a question that said "How would you rate the chapter fot barrel enjoyers?" and he said "on a serious note 10/10", and it was true, just not the character that people expected, maybe should of specified the character, rather than the theory we all thought was gonna happen.
I like Franky and Brook, but they still don't feel like part of the "core" crew to me :josad:
Unironicaly Jinbei feels more close then them. Its probably because Jinbei relationship with Luffy and Nami is better then Franky and Brooks to any of Luffy,Zoro, Nami and Sanji.

I still like Franky's interactions with Robin though
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