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Coby wont have coc i am sorry but thats just not happening.
He literally went through the same character arc as sanji where he learned with luffy and zoro not to give up on his dreams
The new gen of Admirals will be the weakest ever, it's not something we haven't seen before in a manga, look at Naruto/Bort and the current Kage, they're all shit. Luffy and zoro will surpass whoever they need to surpass but Coby isn't the new Garp and Law Kidd aren't the new WB/Shiki. Most of the new gen of pirates and marines will be a bunch of Crocus level shitters. :kobeha:
I want Imu to have the Leviathan Fruit, a Mythical Zoan that allows them to control the seas themselves. I would be fine with Imu having a Water Logia, though: I just want Imu to have a Fruit that connects to the ocean, so that Luffy is fighting a literal god of the ocean at the end of the series.
That would work too! Water fruit could always work for someone else, even a movie villain or Xebec! Imu most likely will have a God relate fruit, the Supreme God of Gods even or w/e.

Leviathan would work very well for that too ofc!

Fun fact, in my advanced studies before university, I got involved with my schools Youth Business Project scheme or w/e to trial setting up our own first businesses within the school as we studied and be mentored by business teachers and industry experts or w/e and we chose or were given T-Shirt printing and my group STRUGGLED to choose a name, so guess who chose the name for them and which name too? Me and Leviathan! LMAO!
We deadass called ourselves LEVIATHAN and a ton of my friends were rock/metalheads so some of them would find it hilarious and say we sounded like a metal band or something and everytime we appeared, some of them who were in their own personal band, would air guitar and gives us a proper rock/metal intro, shouting "LEVIAAAAATHAAAAAAN YEAAAAAAAH!" It was absurdly cringe but hilarious as fuck too hahahaha!

My IRL name is similar to Kerrang! the music channel too so when all my rock and metal head friends realised this, guess what my nickname became then? I got my own personal intro with them whenever they saw me too, "YOOOOOOO! ITS KERRANG! LIFE IS LOUD!"
If you know Mr Torgue from Borderlands, it was like being around a bunch of teenage versions of him LMFAO!

But yeah, Luffy fighting the God of the Ocean would be TOO perfect! If Oda wants to use the 4 Gods from Skypeia, then Imu could be the Rain God at least? Or a secret 5th God who stands atop them all? A God of All Elements, something like The Avatar?

I guess Imu is a Kyogre Zoan too then btw? Haha.

I'm surprised IGN hasn't rated One Piece and Zelda Wind Waker a 7.8/10 for "too much water" too!

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I’m currently working as a Wing Man for my cousin but he’s hopeless like Ted Mosby
My cousin gets rejected all the time because he’s "too fast" with everything because he’s the romantic type
"Too romantic" - Need for validation/acceptance/being loved or w/e tbh. I was exactly like that for almost 100% of my life at least, an IRL Sanji but a therapist is really helping me with that gradually too.
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