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I think on the trail we blaze is a great song for one piece
OMFG YES! I LOVE that song and the movie its from too, Road To El Dorado ftw! That song ALWAYS felt like a One Piece song to me, that same sense of camaraderie and adventure like OP!

I've always joked Shanks and Mihawk are like Miguel and Tulio and someone actually thought the same and made fanart of it too, absolutely legendary person!:

Buggy and Usopp or Enel and Loki:

This is the better version of the song too imo, theres another version I don't like as much:


Similar vibes too:

"Too romantic" - Need for validation/acceptance/being loved or w/e tbh. I was exactly like that for almost 100% of my life at least, an IRL Sanji but a therapist is really helping me with that gradually too.
The sad thing is that "being romantic" was a big W during the times of my parents
The principles and views of the teens and humans in general have changed but not for the better
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