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People let's think about it. You join, you want to talk about Kidd, or Coby, or Sanji or Luffy or even Shanks.
Which is the fandom that will bother you? Right, Zoro fans. I have find a solutation.
Zoro fans are our common enemy, they don't want Coby to be stronger than Zoro, they don't want Kidd, they don't even want Luffy the main character to be above Zoro...
They will insist with Shanks being below Mihawk and they will unite against both admirals and yonkos by pushing secondary characters like Rayleigh, wanking him on Roger's level just to wank future Zoro, this is absurd and has to stop.

Let's all unite against Zoro (and Mihawk and Rayleigh) wank.
They think this is swordpiece or some shit like that, I've read tier lists with Ryuma being above Roger himself.
They should understand, this is the story of Luffy, who has as main obstacles Yonkos and Marines which makes them more important than Fraudhawk the obstacle of Zoro, his subordinate and since he is a subordinate I don't see why he should be above other captains rivaling the main character such as Kidd or even Law, or how they expect Zoro to be the 2nd strongest man after Luffy at EOS like why should be Zoro be above Coby who will surpass admiral old gen?
Think about it, they find excuse to downplay Luffy's figure Shanks just because he has a sword, but they still put Zoro above characters like Sabo or Kidd or Coby who don't have anything to do with them but they are tying to find a way to justify it, Zoro doesn't limitate marines, a rivoluationary as Sabo or an other captain, no reason Marimo should be above them.

This is the story of Luffy, the story was originally against admirals and yonkos as Oda said and Chinjao too, so it's normal to characters strongly related to Luffy like Coby, his marine rival, Kidd his rival for One Piece, Shanks his figure and ispiration, Roger his parallel to be above minor characters related to a simple e mere subordinate of Luffy, a character called Zoro which makes more sense to compare with Sanji as he is the other subordinate and since the story keeps putting them alongside each other with WINGS, fighting calamities.
Zoro is not the Sasuke of this story, Sasuke would have defeated Big Mom if Naruto would have defeated Kaido, Sasuke won't have fight King the subordinate of Kaido, or to make it easier: Luffy would face Kaguya, Kidd and Law would face Six Paths Madara and Zoro would face Zetsu the right hand of Kaguya, or even better, Luffy would fight saiyan arc Vegeta, Kidd and Law would defeat Nappa, Zoro would fight Raditz instead which is a bit stronger than a saibaman that Sanji would face, this makes the comparison clear.
So unite with me against Zoro, I'll wait for you all.
You are trying hard to become the 2 nd Ndule lmao. It's a kid story. There's no need to become this obssessed :kobeha::jay-he:
found it in the reddit thread

Dr. Vegapunk: ..........This sure is troublesome.
Franky: I don't know who you are, but thank you! We are saved.
Dr. Vegapunk: The commands that were input into the Mega-Shark... Were only Reconnaissance, Reporting, and Artillery Firing.
Dr. Vegapunk: If it goes on eating something, the goods will not remain... Looks like there was some programing error.
Dr. Vegapunk: So, who said I had saved you? You Pirates.
Dr. Vegapunk: I am Vegapunk, who was hired by the World Government!!!
Straw Hat Pirates: "EHH!!?"
You'd think that the world would know by now that the Straw Hats are different from the countless kingdoms they saved. :catsweat:

I doubt anything like that gets in the newspaper though, just like how it was with Arabasta when the Navy took the credit. :lusalty:

Guess we're gonna have to wait until Luffy makes them realize in like, 15 chapters :parkcry:

-There will be a great event (supremacy)will happen to Sanji even Zoro’s fans will be Sanji’s fans after that event
-Sanji will maintain the balance of the world
-Sanji will fusion with a mythical fiery bird* not obeying orders *by obtaining new fruit / new suit depends on the translation From oda’s draft and conversation between Oda and his editor

These for future events not for 1006

@VegaPank Let's get it brother :cheers::cheers::cheers:
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