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the guys sora is the daughter of vegapunk and he created a clone that looks like her because he misses her very much :datas:
Vegapunk is Sanjis grandfather confirmed I guess? I thought of Sora as soon as I saw her as well as Uta and Nami funnily enough lol. I wouldnt even be mad if shes Namis mother but ive only seen a picture of her so far, not any extra info or w/e or other pics too.

Like the Vinsmokes and OP in general, I'm feeling the 60s-70s sci-fi vibe here and I am loving it too! Oda with an actually unpredictable, fantastic dfesign for her? Wtf?! No wonder @shnksq kept mentioning about her design being interesting or w/e!

Getting massive vibes of this right now:


Thank you haha, thats very kind of you to say that! Idk what to say honestly! Its exhausting having to stand up for others and being in the minority, constantly ganged upon by the hivemind and people rarely willingly to try to compromise and be reasonable.

So many times I've gone through this and it doesn't get easier, we should and we can be better than this. We dont need to literally be the WorstGen lol. But maybe I'm too idealistic as usual still.

Seriously though, thank you, I'm just getting so emotionally eroded the more time I spend on here, gradually getting number and more fatigued and wanting to stay away gradually.

If things don't improve around here, I will end up leaving permanently one way or another, its just a matter of time or inevitable, whether I am forced away or leave on my own accord.

Thats a very kind message though, I do sincerely appreciate it and Luffy saying he can't be Pirate King without Sanji and he will starve himself to death, despite food being so important to him is such a profound, signifiant and maybe underrated moment in the series too. Phenomenal, tragic, heartfelt writing and character development.
Thats brothership to the end, brothers for life, partners, nakamas, crewmates, lovers I mean what and such to the end indeed, for life, for eternity. Unbreakable, unquestionable, everlasting bonds that peservere no matter what happens between them.

The more time passes and the more I reflect on it, the more I end up actually loving WCI as an arc tbh. It might just be my favourite arc now in the entire series too honestly. Its very close to it at worst.
Of course!! And I hope the forum gets better as well. I've been seeing a lot of bad apples, but there are also a lot of good apples as well. :yearight::sweat:

And yes, Whole Cake Island is a very good arc. There's not many scenes in One Piece that make you feel like crying, and Luffy's sincere, heartfelt and emotional words to Sanji could send anybody :catcry:

I'm pretty sure he didn't eat anything until Sanji came back to see him either, so that shows how loyal Luffy is to his word as well.

Truly a work of art.
found it in the reddit thread

Dr. Vegapunk: ..........This sure is troublesome.
Franky: I don't know who you are, but thank you! We are saved.
Dr. Vegapunk: The commands that were input into the Mega-Shark... Were only Reconnaissance, Reporting, and Artillery Firing.
Dr. Vegapunk: If it goes on eating something, the goods will not remain... Looks like there was some programing error.
Dr. Vegapunk: So, who said I had saved you? You Pirates.
Dr. Vegapunk: I am Vegapunk, who was hired by the World Government!!!
Straw Hat Pirates: "EHH!!?"
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