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Smoker is the one who witnessed Roger die, he's the one who has drawn the pirate king connection. This gen's Garp has been decided.
Loby can stick with his hero of Rocky Port title and protect civilians. A pirate simp will never be on this level. @Ssg super suit coby
cool none of the new generation that will be the new top tiers actually saw rdogers execution lol. So you actually added more basis to my point.

zoro didnt see his death
luffy didnt see his death
coby didnt see his death
sanji didnt see his death
sabo didnt see his death
kidd didnt see his death
law didnt see his death

the ones who did were the ones that are the current top tiers
shanks saw it
mihawk saw it
smoker saw it
kaido saw it in the news
bigmom saw it n the news
doffy saw it

list goes on. The generation that saw it are supposed to be the ones to the top. Notice how smoker is the odd one in that list
Not open for further replies.