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Oda is like that old teacher in school who is too full of himself and thinks that his way of teaching is best.

I have not completed Bleach because I started going to university at that time and never picked up again (stopped watching when Ichigo went to soul society (?) and someone was murdered and Aizen showed up).

It is just sad what Oda do with so many main characters. He keeps on repeating the same shit but in different ways. Who is he fooling, himself?
Tbh, I just switched to other series to avoid frustration.
Yeah 100% The stubborn mule who refuses to change their ways/adapt lol. That boomer mindset of always right and thus right is might?

Oh damn, you stopped at the most interesting and shocking part of it there! The biggest plot twist in the series until Kubos bonus chapter recently for Bleach after the series ended!

Yeah its like an addiction or formula he cannot avoid because hes scared to take risks or doesnt know what hes doing.

That seems like the best policy, I feel OP frustrates me a lot less when we focus on other series as you said. I keep meaning to rewatch/reread certain series and I need to get off my ass and just do it lmao. Although I fear I may not be able to enjoy some of them as I used to, due to growing out of them/maturing and such, my tastes changing but I can always focus on more mature and different series too ofc, ones Ive not seen either too.

Theres so much I know Im missing out on from older and newer series, ones Ive never tried and try so many different things, newer, fresher, more unique/creative ideas even with fresher, younger eyes and minds, less weary souls and bodies with the newer series I mean.

Hoping to buy my portable DVD player when I get paid tomorrow and just power through/binge a ton of DVDs of tv shows, movies, anime etc I got dirth cheap and been meaning to watch or rewatch too.
It's why oda isn't using mads good.

Vegapunk is already with the marines.

Dragon should have gotten both king and queen after kaidos fall.

Blackbeard should have gotten caesar
I think hes definently building up to a reunion but hes definitely doing it in a weird way
Thinking about it they might all reunite due to the bmp

They captured the vinsmoke and caesar already who are trying to escape on the cover
They also might have also captured queen and maybe king somehow. We know they attacked the wg or marine ships (i don't remember which) off panel so it might be a possibility

If queen, caesar, and judge to reunite they just need vegapunk. Idk how thatd happen tho with the current timeline
Lore doesn’t have to affect the events of the story but how you interpret it, that’s why it’s lore.
Yes. And it's not really interesting anymore since I am noticing the flaw with oda's story catching up...i.e. not giving hints or adding events that could be related and we get a better understanding of certain events. Because in one piece it's just some facts/trivia hidden from viewers and then it's shown. But when its doesn't matter anymore. For example in the previous was shown that Shakki is a previous Empress of Amazon Lily. Did it change anything? No. That info is as useless as just giving some reaction panel by oda. Readers have nothing to think about it. Because nothing is setup. So what was the point of hiding it? Nothing. It's just the way oda has been doing stuff. He just hides something to make it look like a mystery but he forgets that mysteries work because you give hints and events which tie up in the end and the important factor of it is to keep the readers engaged in the mystery all the time. I can't think of any such thing at this point. Whatever will be shown and revealed will just feel ...:okay:
Lore sucks now. Because there is no substance to them.
Had some crazy theories a while back. That coby is the clone of Zepher. Or that he was a failed super human created by vegapunk. And deemed him a failure since just like momos replicated kaidos fruit it was pink instead of the original color design
1. Because sanji was already altered genetically hence why the raid suit furthered the process.

2. Bro what you are asking for we literally already got with the vinsmoke kids. There powers are literally devil fruit abilities and they have also been amplified physically. And they are also not affected by water lol
We've already seen that vegapunk was working on artificial df, did you forget the pink dragon? Vegapunk is more likely to find a way to do what the vinsmokes did but better. And my better I mean altering humans without the use of some lame super suit or loss of emotion since there are already the pacifistas that simply follow orders without emotion. Honestly I can't see why you would want to see a bunch of cringy super suits. It makes more sense for oda to have vegapunk power people up without him having to change their entire design with super suits unless he just wants to get lazy with his art for the final saga and draw everyone with the same suits to save time on the details

Gorosei Informer

Where did Jimbo disappear btw, did he dive in to save the other clowns
Jinbei's crew running gag - Lifeguard

JinBAE running and thus jumping into the sea to save the devil fruit dumbasses from drowning after another impulsive, reckless moment of theirs for the 27th time:
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