One Piece Chapter 1067 Punk Records

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I wonder if Oda is going to somehow parallel Sanji against the CP-9 in the W7 Sea Train. But now things should be pretty different, on paper at least

Robin isn't going to attack the crew anymore tho, but we can't tell how strong CP-0 is right now, only speculate

They still have a Seraphim whose powers are unknown.. And Stussy might be a problem too

This will be interesting, even Zoro might show up to help if things get messy

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Will take Chat GPT requests. Viva La One Peace.
The giant robot power source is eternal flame

Sanji will controll the robot like sora

Sanji balance of the world


Sanji associates himself with the devil and Hell. Hell is eternally burning. Maybe this is why Oda hasn't explained what his flames are?
Honestly if this is deliberate by him to drop one of the biggest bombshells in the series, then I wouldn't be mad at all, especially anymore!

Good chapters this week . here are some things I notice vegapunk fruit allows him to memorize things thats all he was still born a genius just because you can remember everything doesn't mean you know how to apply knowledge him being a genius allow him to do what he was able to do.

second thing is punk records which i think will play important part later near the series giving people access to unlimted knowledge I wonder if there was someone 900 years ago who had the nomi nomi fruit which allow them to built the ancient kingdom ????

I also wonder if vegapunk is taking information from the strawhats since they almost all have those headphone on they may also act like an antenna.
The coolest implication of this chapter is that it seems that Dragon meeting Luffy is iminent, if he does indeed follow Kuma. I'm super hyped for that meeting, and the background of Dragon that would follow.

Nami seem reeeeeeeeeally interested in "that girl" that happened to be hanging around Luffy. Seems like Bonney got a bit too close for her liking lol.

And poor Bonney with the bugs! And Luffy just standing there like a goober with the beetle, making it worse ๐Ÿคฃ

The historical aspect is starting to come together. The Ancient Kingdom must have been fierce for 20 countries to band together to fight it. They must have effectively hid most of their tech for them not to have more advanced stuff in the OP world.

Good luck to CP0. They all get ruined if they even think of challenging Luffy.