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As a lot of people predicted, Momo’s fruit was a nigh perfect replication aside from the color and Vegapunk is just a perfectionist
The beam saber is likely perfect scientifically as well but something like that would normally be akin to a bug trap just much much more potent and thus it gets labeled a failure despite not being one

Wonder how many more gems the trash yard has?

Also, Lilith being evil and ignoring her logical side to choose to try and loot a Yonko crew makes sense, as Shaka is Logic while Lilith operates strictly based on doing bad things to people lol
Wrath taking her anger out on photons as to not destroy the island makes sense too, not to mention she docked Luffy, it’s clearly not her first rodeo

Not sure how Vegapunk can leave this island tho… his brain is here
Unless it’s so safe that even the destruction of the island wouldn’t matter it seems like he’s bound to Egghead

Also am curious how much of his genius is attributed to his fruit, or if it truly only offers him perfect memory and he’s just a goated engineer???

Personally I liked this chapter ~7.5
Decent chapter looks like there will be clash between 6 vegapunks vs cp0 .

So kuma is upto something. He probably sensed the danger Vegapunk is in trouble. Probably he was programmed to protect if wg turns against him.

Imo i can see Dragon and luffy reuniting soon.
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So 20 years of researching and endless funding just so he deems Kaido’s fruit as a failure due to color.
No wonder the WG wants to kill this clown, this was likely mentioned in Greenbull’s report.
Sending rob lucci makes no sense . Either world govt once again shows their incompetence in dealing with genius like vegapunk.

With strawhat backing them its fair to say Lucci will tactically withdraw.
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I wonder if Oda is going to somehow parallel Sanji against the CP-9 in the W7 Sea Train. But now things should be pretty different, on paper at least

Robin isn't going to attack the crew anymore tho, but we can't tell how strong CP-0 is right now, only speculate

They still have a Seraphim whose powers are unknown.. And Stussy might be a problem too

This will be interesting, even Zoro might show up to help if things get messy
The current Sanji team is even pretty close to the train team, they just have Nami as well this time.
I also believe Ancient kingdom had power source that current world do t really have it.

It might be something similar to what franky is using cola to power up. Something so simple even genius Vegapunk overlooked it.
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Hell yeah !

BTW when is Smoker gonna appear ?!

Tashigi too. She is so likable if you put a little effort instead of wasting countless pages on Kinemon, the Scabbards, and Momonosuke.

Shit completely forgot about sword group. Smoker vs lucci is real possibility.
So devil fruits are just ancient science which was more advanced than Vegapunk. There's multiple mentions of a power source now which I'm guessing is the One Piece to bring back the old world, maybe a sun reactor. Coincidentally, Luffy is the sun god to harness that power. Maybe Imu is the moon god that drowned the world to stop the reactor but we don't know why.
No Zoro in this chapter so I can only give it a 1 ☆ rating unfortunately.

However, I'll be the first to say it. Vegapunk created a superior version of the raid. Need Oda confirming that Judge plagiarised Vegapunk. Deluded vinsmoke :myman:
Decent chapter, but not much to really talk about. CP0 is finally at the island and about to get destroyed unless Luffy and them leave before then. :luffylaugh:

Kuma is running towards something, which is interesting. What is Oda plotting?!

Thanks for making the thread, @Mr. Reloaded
Kuma is coming to Egghead sensing Bonny is in danger. That's quite obvious. He belongs to a special race and may have clarivoyance or any such ability and sensed CP-Losers being danger to Bonny. Lob Lucci getting some :luffyswat: soon