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Will we get an Elbaf Arc?

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Yea there isn't a cost to people's infringements

And since there isn't a cost.. Breaking rules is free as long as the Mods are lenient enough to let it slide
If I recall correctly, Tejas and Seatonnes had just gotten unbanned when they started to argue again soon after. They seriously almost got banned again after being banned for, what, a month? :jay-he:
Though I the fight won't be as easy as they are now to them. Gear 4 with haki in FMI is not more than a 10 min stuff. And Zoro won't move after Ashura. What i stated was they were already reaching their limits. Luffy already beat awakened zoan in impel down. Lucci is just extra intelligence over it.
Lucci isn't weak but i still can't call him above yc3.
Awakened fruit is pointless if they dont have much to offer (impel down simple zoan are the classic example). And for luffy mythical zoan awakenings are bound to be special no matter what. Even current non awakened Yamato is better than lucci.
I guess we differ on lucci's PL alot from his recent development

Its not like he did anything kaw dropping but the dood is the first Zoan that has awakened.

So i have my sights high for his current capabilites



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