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Will we get an Elbaf Arc?

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True....I cant see both of them the same as the previous gen Legends. Kid seems to have better attitude atleast.
Kid is Roger in this case. They prolly won't run. Either win or die are only option for them.
Kid encountered kaido in the beginning and fought and nearly died. Luffy in the start of Time skip like Kidd would have ran away probably.

Sasaki Kojirō

I think it is the opposite, ofc Luffy is not strong as Kaido but Lucci and co will realize why Luffy is a Yonkou.
I think Lucci will end up as hypetool soon, one shot once Luffy pull out adv CoC.
First Bonney and now Lucci, they don´t understand why Luffy became a yonkou, he will show them why he is called a Yonkou.
Exactly, it's like I said in my previous comment G5 doesn't give Luffy an appearance that makes him look imposing, and Lucci and Bonney's comments are derived from Luffy's antics, but when he gets serious and pulls his Acoc here they will understand. ..
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