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Are you blind?

In thay clash was zoros feat place on the ground?

After said clash did zoros physical position changed? No

Did shawk sweat and show actual emotion for the first time? Yes.

So exactly what did the leakers say that was contradictory?
They made it sound like Zoro had Chibihawk was shitting himself.

Reality = Chibihawk looked annoyed before sending Zoro flying.

Zoro fans truly create their own happiness.
Stussy is fucking tidy bro 👌 seastone lipstick is definitely a ho move

Zoro vs S-hawk was pretty nice. I really like the panelling and art of intercept scene. Serahawk sweating whilst zoro has a cheeky chuckle is pretty nice too. It was either disrespect zoro or disrespect serahawk, we know who oda chooses.

Now with zoro getting thrown back after the clash, are the boots the reason serahawk was able to take the attack? Or is it purely just his strength?

Mid flashback tho, probably much better with translation but goddamn it looks like shit. Stussy 1.0 (bakkin) looks like a fucking horrendously crafted leather bag man.... This is probably the most consistent oda has been with one piece for a while :emohiyo:

Look at kizaru and Saturn looking like fucking BUMS man. Hopefully next chapter these Bois getta lil glow
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