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Well, i think Luffy is gonna end up captured & taken to Mary Geoise instead of Impel Down
So a Gorosei being present makes sense (I previously thought it was Kong who is accompanying Kizaru)

I also predicted that Weevil is getting captured & Bakkin gonna go ask for Help
(However i thought Fuji would capture him while Bakkin asks help from BB, not Marco)

Either way, i believe Oda is building up towards Mary Geoise Arc , not Elbaf Arc
So he will find a way to get a lot of Characters near Red Line
So the order would be? Mariejoa>elbaf>lodestar>godvalley>laughtale and maybe the moon????

So there will be a war to retrieve luffy?

Imu gonna get taken down in the following arc while the next one gonna be where the lurking legend appears?

If he doesn't appears by then, what about the lurking legend???
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