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Im just curious what Vivi is actually thinking here. Does she agree that her father is dead? If so, what actually is her next plan of action?

Obviously shes bound to meet Luffy and crew again. Whats fascinating is that Oda has focused in Stussy and Morgans recently, so Im curious if the Underworld stuff is starting to become relevant after this arc.

I still think we have a solid 30-40 chaptera of Egghead to go (Oda WILL drag it out), on the account of whats about to happen. It seems the traitor will be the turning point in preventing the crew from escaping right away at least
The way I see it, with the king dead and her as the heir missing Alabasta is probably not doing to hot right now. So I think she will have a focus on trying to save her country as the new queen somehow

Wapol's leak is not about her being associated eith the Straw Hats so currently she's not publicly considered part of that group

And with Sabo being fingered as Cobra's murderer the WG probably want to keep things on the down low in regards to her as well
Zoro is the most loyal. Every time someone betrays the crew hes the one there criticize them (Nami, Usopp, Robin, Sanji) for doing it. He even gave a whole big speech on it in W7. This is also supported by his action to kill himself so Luffy could live with Kuma.

There is no SH traitor, ever. And its especially not Zoro
I'm still predicting a Laugh Tale fight.
He said he won't serve a weak captain.

My theory goes he challenges and fights Luffy to give him a last qualifying challenge before he gets the One Piece.
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