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The admiral individually aren't as important as the emperors. Strength wise he's not a bigger threat than kaido
Kizaru is either going to be beat by luffy now or a side character later. He doesn't really need much build up tbh. He's been relevent since shabaody
That's the point though

Kizaru is not a fight for Luffy.

If he is fighting any marine then it's Akainu - he is the one who shares build up with luffy.

Kizaru has more bad blood with zoro because he literally pressed zoro under his feet and made him feel helpless

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You are reaching with caribou plot. Lol

He hardly did anything smart worthy since he got with SHs - and you expect him to pull some plugs related to tech lmao

Also, he doesn't fit in the definition of traitor.

When a trust worthy person back stabbs then he becomes a traitor - caribou isn't this person for any party on the island
Same Vegapunk as shown here

It could simply be a button you have to push
Not to mention he came up with the idea in Udon to cut off communications to the rest of the island by figuring out how the smail stuff worked.
Plus all the info he has about Pluton and Posideon has to go somewhere, he has a boss as shown at the end of Wano
A boss that is relevant right now with a lot of current story threads connecting to him

And it might not even be the direct definition of a traitor, it could be someone is simply sabotaging them.
Don't think caribou is traitor

He isn't smart enough to do stuffs with tech lol nor he can easily move around the lab and know what to pull

Would like to go with VP 01 Shaka - everything points towards him - Face isn't disclosed, in shadows all this time...

But then oda always like to twist things*cough* zou * cough

So it's possible that shaka is the loyal one and one of other VP is traitor - Lilith most likely
Only reason why i feel shaka is traitor because he seems incharge of the dome.

Also in beginning he was in conversation with dragon regarding his death .
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