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Egghead is now 13 chapters, so I wonder what people who keep saying it would only be 10-15 chapters are thinking right now? Some were still saying only 15 somehow recently too lmfao.
Actually the wiki says it started at 1058 so we're already at 16 chapters too? That makes more sense!
Never would have thought we are gonna spend 2 years in egghead :shame:
In a way, he is justifyably addressing long running arcs/plotlines (Kuma, Vega, Kizaru, Gorosei) while teasing others (BB/Law, Garp/Koby, Vivi, CG, Elbaf, etc), but yeah people just expect him to gloss over this shit or do it without adding his typical cliffhanger or mystery flair.

The moment Kizaru was tied to the arc with a fleet should have been the moment people gave up on a short arc (i mean 15-20 chapters, it could still be ~40-50)
The problem comes from oda not understanding “chekhovs Gun” you don’t know if he’s introducing stuff just to introduce stuff or whether or not they’ll be important to the plot.

So this could be 10 more chapters or 40 more…

Gorosei Informer

Hoenstly at this point I don’t know where odas going with this arc…
It really feels like the setup for the big battle royale Oda mentioned, when you consider all the major characters who have appeared and made moves, all these reveals and such. It feels like another Dressrosa and Wano in complexity but MUCH shorter/more condensed and its gonna have MASSIVE repurcussions/payoffs imo.

I feel Elbaf will be the next and a fairly big arc too. Since Elbaf is the land of the giants, it should be WAY bigger than other islands naturally so what perfect place to have the ultimate battle royale too? A race for the king's throne? The throne wars Oda mentioned? Loki might end up being a huge player somehow too! Since Elbaf is a land of warriors too, it would make sense as well!

This almost feels like another Reverie actually, a lot of big players, a lot of stuff going on and we're being given snippets/highlights/previews of whats to come, like fuses being list and the bombs exploding much later down the line.

Oda could be setting up the most chaotic, bombshell laden finale for all we know, I mean apparently Xebec has been fucking cloned and is Vegapunks top clone?! His 2nd most successful one?! If that spoiler was true after all? Thats such a MASSIVE bombshell and then some which is being completely ignored by everyone here and elsewhere for some WEIRD reason!? It wasn't proven fake was it? I need to check the spoilers again...

I have no idea where this arc is going either, theres a lot of confusing stuff being set up, a lot of questions and mysteries by Oda purposely but I imagine it's so he can give us an absolute gatling bombardment of reveals/twists/bombshells/whatever sooner or later too.
This is Oda's fault because he kept telling people he wanted to end the series in 5 years. At least he's changed that statement recently.
Personally, hes being coy about what he means by "ending". Hes always measured progress of Luffy's journey to LT as the core of the series.

This is the same guy that said 100 chapters of Amazon Lily, Impel Down and Marineford was a "side-trip" even though its probably the most important event in the series still

Imo hes talking about the trip to laugh tale taking 5 more years, and even that will be wrong lol. I still think its going to take longer than that with all of the other plotlines.

THEN you can factor final war content since we know it techncially cannot start until after One Piece is found along with the ancient weapons. Wouldnt be surprised if the this is not included in his ending
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