How strong is Figarland Garling ?

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Zoro is no. 2 in the popularity poll. Are you sure Zoro has more fans than Luffy?

When did this happen? based on Kaidou's 5 images? so that makes Oden > Mihawk. So Zoro's endgame goal is below Oden? good to know.

Do you even know the meaning of 'one shot'? and Queen 'one shot' BM by your logic and actual one shot unlike King who one shot bigmom ship. Does that make Queen > King? So Sanji > Zoro right?

You are writing more crap than him. :kuzanshut:
There was a time Zoro was more popular.

Kaido both fight BM and Oden. And he has Oden over her. Mihawk and him didn't fight.

BM was on his right mind and can fly while shes in o-lin mode during queens fight dumbass.
Kaido was WSC, WB was WSM
Did they fall at final war? No
Are they above EoS Teach and Imu? No

Why would Mihawk be Zoro's FV when he has nothing to do with Imu as direct underling nor having past with void century
Why would he be above Zoro's FV (gorosei or Knight or admiral)?
No Strawhat has the goal to become WSC or WSM

Zoro’s goal will be achieved at the end of the series because EVERYONE’s goal will be achieved at the end of the series

and yes, Zoro will in fact become the Strongest swordsman in the world… Stronger than EVERY SINGLE SWORDSMAN ON THE PLANET

I have to say that last part because I know you Ndule, I know in the back of your mind, you actually want Zoro to NOT achieve his dream simply because of your agendas


He knows this

Mihawk was living in a boring island. Away from top tiers (Admirals and Yonko) and even other top fighters
Never sought these guys for a duel

The guy only met a YC for the first time at MF lol
Met WB for he first time at MF too
The difference between the way that mihawk addresses WB with such fear and respect compared to shanks who flexed on his crew, damaged his ship and parted skies with him should be enough to display the difference between their lvls.

We have been inside new world for more than a decade and not a single soul has ever talked about mihawk lol, dude is literally unknown on those lands.

My theory for oda is that he was planning to have mihawk fall much earlier than we think, but since he realized that his fanbase is made up of schizo Samurai fanboy weeboos, he kept mihawk in the story in order to milk as much as he could.

Unfortunately for oda, final saga is now and once he reveals that mihawk was never as strong as swords fandom want him to be, his fans arent gonna like it lol, expect volumes upon volumes getting burned.


𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓'𝖘 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖜𝖓
Moustache Gorosei with the awesome Valkyrie name has to be connected to Elbaf.

So glad Bald Gorosei is now confirmed linked to Wano via his name but it was obvious anyway. He MUST have the Shodai. Hopefully Zoro does get the Nidai before facing him.

The Gorosei all being named after war gods is very awesome.
i don't think it makes sense for him to be from Wano, though there are lots of coincidences like him being the God of Finance, and Wano being the country of Gold, along with Gandhi's general wanoesque esthetic.

The Ethanbaron family must have originated from one of the 18/20 unknown founding kingdoms, and Wano definitely isn't one of them.

Till we get more information, my headcanon will be that the original Ethanbaron's king's spouse came from Wano(a traitor clan from the Void Century perhaps?), and as such, it's tradition for members of the Ethanbaron family to have wanoesque names.

I think him having Shodai is all but confirmed.

Valkyrie being connected to Elbaf would be dope. Imagine if he and an admiral lead an invasion on the country:steef:

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
"Survive alone" he literally lives in paradise hiding from top tiers lol.

If he truly wanted a challenge, he would have gone out of his comfort zone and faced the challenges of New world.
Dude literally says he wants to live in peace. You don't have to go around challenging top-tiers to prove you can survive the world on your own lmao.
Usopp using future sight to dodge St. Valkyries final attack while he’s in his awakened hybrid form of Jörmungandr and then proceeding to beat him with an Island busting Adv CoC infused Mjolnir.
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