How strong is Figarland Garling ?

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Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Without CG : hiding in paradise to flex on weaklings
Without WG : leading whoever to nothing, still in paradise and barely visiting NW

He could have declined WG and Croco proposals
That's what top tier real conquerors do, they don't join weakling like Buggy nor WG in alliance to survive the seas
You mean the real top-tiers who hide inside their castles surrounded by their armies? Lmao
- Marineford had the entire Marine force.
Currently Akainu does nor have an entire Marine force
They lost marine force during marineford lol, when was this said in the reverie only thing said is there resources were full which it was but after the shibi hunt and alabsta incident, it's good now
- Yes because there will be a winner and that winner will be Pirate King. See how thats an issue for the Marines?
Why didn't sengoku did this for roger, you're not making any sense first of all saying akainu will split his forces just plains make no sense, as he can just stack them together and then destroy all the yonkos crew individually, secondly he would putting the marines in more risk going after yonko crews still and like I said, like the ohara incident only raises suspiciosn on him now randomly wanting to attack yonko crews, anyways more proof that they last during the final war then prior to the final war

prior to the final war is simply a yonko battle for pk
after is the marines + wg

Gorosei Informer

i don't think it makes sense for him to be from Wano, though there are lots of coincidences like him being the God of Finance, and Wano being the country of Gold, along with Gandhi's general wanoesque esthetic.

The Ethanbaron family must have originated from one of the 18/20 unknown founding kingdoms, and Wano definitely isn't one of them.

Till we get more information, my headcanon will be that the original Ethanbaron's king's spouse came from Wano(a traitor clan from the Void Century perhaps?), and as such, it's tradition for members of the Ethanbaron family to have wanoesque names.

I think him having Shodai is all but confirmed.

Valkyrie being connected to Elbaf would be dope. Imagine if he and an admiral lead an invasion on the country:steef:
Maybe but he blatantly looks like an aged samurai/sensei. His design is a famous Japanese general or something?

The Ethanbaron part is weird I'll give you that. Definitely denotes he is also from a family and country outside Wano too. We'll see where Oda goes with this.

Zoro was not born in Wano but is related to there by lineage. Ethanbaron probably a similar case.


Dude literally says he wants to live in peace. You don't have to go around challenging top-tiers to prove you can survive the world on your own lmao.
If he wanted to live in peace he wouldnt go around hunting fodders.

Also, his very own introduction was about searching man who could give him a fight because he supposedly couldnt find any, this statemant alone disproves the "i want peace" bullshit that oda came with later.

His reaction to old WB so everything we need to know, that man never sought fights with top tiers.
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