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This is already seeming more boring all of a sudden

Kizaru is restricted

the strawhats don’t give a fuck about fighting

the seraphims are completely undamaged but got off screened because Oda didn’t want to show the crew failing to damage them for a full 24 hours

Kizaru and co want punk records, York and the power plant… Luffy and co just want to get real Vegapunk out of egghead… Why are they fighting? Because Vegapunk must die for reasearching the void century? Is that all? How come the marines didn’t care this much when Robin existed for 20 years having done the same thing?

if the marines can look the other way for robin, why can’t they look the other way for Vegapunk?

Technically this fight doesn’t even seem like it has to happen since both sides don’t aren’t I really give a shit about what the other side wants and there’s no real opposing ideals here…

this could be fixed by real Vegapunk saying “I want to protect my science from the government” but he hasn’t said this… so if you look closely, basically there’s no reason these two sides need to even fight, the strawhats can leave with Vegapunk and the government can have York and punk records and everything… They can even arrest Sentomaru and take the seraphims and pacifista because LUFFY DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM
Thank you. Very refreshing analysis compared to most of this thread.
Those are original concept establish for the entire series..

Swords will never be above fists like in the real world, that's not how it is in One Piece..
No it's not. They asked the question and we've received the answer on multiple different occasions.

Swords have always been above fists in OP. That's how they've always been portrayed
Luffy was a dear friend of Kaido back then?

Strange, I remember him having quite a grudge against him.
Is this your latest cope argument? Friends don't need to hold back against each other, Sentomaru effortlessly blocked and kept up with a serious Kizaru
Exactly. They would betray and come after him in an instant but he's like a dog and the WG is his bone. Hope he starts acting tough and the 4th strongest 1 shots him in return. That would put him in his place
Maybe he's just really bitter he's not top dog anymore? But that doesn't suit his character, so we need some proper reveal of what his motivations are.
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