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Do you agree with Rayleigh scaling?

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Okay if I am being honest maybe Luffy isn't that bad..but him facing Kizaru leaves a really bad taste in my mouth

On the plus side at least this would establish admirals are on same level as Yonko even to casual fans

Then I don't think Luffy actually wins here
Kizaru is prolly gonna face Zoro when Akainu faces Luffy.
You're setting yourself up for major disappointment that way, Luffy is totally going to defeat Kizaru, MC's never lose, as for Zoro, he will defeat an admiral, just not in this arc.
People didn’t expect the 1 shot because Law looked great against Teach
But nah, Kid is of course stronger than WCI Luffy
Shanks is just him, he will hype up Shanks whenever he’s on-screen. It’s too late to deny this fact
Nothing shows or proves that kidd is.

Wci luffy still has more speed, offensive a ability and better basic haki showings than kidd at that point.

Current kidd right now losses to koby if he doesn't have access to metal lol
Toxic MHA Fans: "Ugh Endeavor is the worst! Why is he getting redeemed? He should die!"

Also Toxic MHA Fans: "Wow Dabi and Shigaraki are both so cool and so fucking hot! I hope they both eventually get redeemed."
yeah never understood why people hate Endeavor training his son cause outrage. Piccolo did worst to gohan . You have chichi went crazy on gohan to study like madman .

Endeavor is typical parent who push kid to extreme to be successful. Of he is flawed character but thst is how people operate.
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