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I think people are reading the early spoilers wrong

I think once the scene cuts back to Luffy vs Kizaru, it's gonna be implied they've been fighting for a bit and trading blows

then Luffy is gonna get kicked and the scene will cut away again

at the end of the chapter the scene comesback to the fight, implying more time has passed, and then Luffy enters Gear 5 awakening the Robot

people are reading it like Kizaru one shot G4, and i don't think that's what happened

you guys should wait for raws

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
-The scene moves to Kizaru vs. Snake Man Luffy. Kizaru kicks Luffy with a powerful attack.

B B B But I thought Shabondy Kizaru was going all out? I thought Oda has already drawn Admirals fighting as hard as they can and Luffy should be able to fight Kizaru in base given that base Luffy body bagged hybrid Kaido???
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