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Why did Saturn transform?

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No he can't
He's an old man

Kizaru can get up and kill him
Lucci coulda killed him too

Zoros KOH has no time limit anymore as he's not talking about any Enma issues

So officially Zoro > Luffy
He was old man vs Kaido and still went back in G5 seconds later.
Like the fact in manga that luffy can get up from being old and go right back into gear 5.
So the idea anyone can just come and kill is stupid when can just tranform back which won't have for plot reason .
Luffy takes L's. We've never seen an Admiral take an L and Kizaru was One Shot.

Luffy bros are immune to his L's because they ain't a big deal. Luffy is a super saiyan and comes back stronger with each defeat. The people Luffy beats never have their prestige restored.

Cope and seethe
No cuz Lucci straight up defeated Luffy and turned him into an old man while taking a 2 second nap and Luffy never got his prestige restored

Now Zoro will one shot him Monet level diff showing humongous gap between Luffy and Zoro
Damn Kizaru really stalemated Luffy and he’s not a glass canon either he took that Adv coc attack that went through his head. I’m not gonna lie….if Kaido and Kizaru ever have a fight, THAT IS THE FIGHT OF KAIDOS LIFE. Can’t tell me otherwise….
Well I always thought Admirals~ Emperors with some variations so Kizaru pushing Kaido to very high diff is within my expectations.
But if Kizaru vs Luffy is over I personally would not like the fight.

I mean, I waited for 2 years to see how an Admiral counters ACoC. And Oda's solution was to not use ACoC to avoid the problem completely. Nah I don't like it
It’s not over. But you’re making a great point Oda has a habit of doing some bullshit. Why would Luffy fight to the point of exhaustion and he hasn’t even went all out that’s dumb.
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