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Why did Saturn transform?

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I actually think we never get a clear answer on the Admiral-Yonko-Gorosei powerlevel debate.
I think most short battles will be very equal, and when these characters are defeated it will be by someone whose strenght is also very unclear or by a groups effort.
I can already see Dragon's only fight in the manga being against Imu, who has also not fight anyone else, and we never get a sense how they compete against other top tiers.
Jesus Christ, you're actually the most pāthetic human being on the planet.

And I mean this in a not trolling or even insulting way because I'm quite concerned, are you actually retarded?

This level of delusion should be impossible.

Luffy didn't protect or save his crew, not fuçking once.

He didn't protect or save Usopp, he sure as hell didn't protect Franky Brook and Nami.

All of them are quite literally alive because Kizaru has no interest in killing them.

Kizaru dropped Usopp by his own will, Luffys power had nothing to do with it.

Seriously Pringles, how was something this retarded birthed into this world?
Isn't he struggling with that task bc he and Vegapunk are old buddies
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