Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Divine departure > dawn star
Enraged Shanks was more serious still vs Kid than Luffy was vs Kizaru


Now next up : Groosei + Fuji will mid diff Cross Guild. 3.5B Mihawk will be down after 1-4 hits
People seem to forget that Luffy had other fights before fighting Kizaru. He even used G5 before. You really think he was full energy? I'm not trying to say he didn't go all out on the attack that defeated Kizaru, but him being so exhausted after fighting him is hardly exclusively the admiral's merit.

Also, narratively I can see why Oda would want to prevent a Nika x Gorosei happening now. Luffy out of juice is simply convenient too.
Oda can be so inconsistent with this though.

Think about previous arcs, how many struggles they went through without sleep or rest and how many battles, without even necessarily having a lunch break in between.

What I am saying is that it doesn't make sense for Luffy to be this exhausted right now... Oda fucked up since in past arcs he has been through a lot more.

Is Oda now trying to add bigger drawbacks to the fruit? Kind of lame really.
@MarineHQ be honest
Do you like how oda treats admirals ? Im starting to hate that old fuck
I believe Egghead has been one of the best arcs for the Admirals and I'm not joking. Everything post Ryokugyu clowning was peak for us.

- Ryokugyu capturing Weevil
- Old Rayleigh clowning Blackbeard
- Blackbeard apologising to Kuzan
- Kuzan fighting Garp and taking his punches
- Fuji and Ryo being cleared off Rev allegations
- Oda confirming that Admirals can't attack Yonkou without permission in amazon lily

And now this chapter takes Shanks's greatest feat away which was stopping MF by force.

This small setback won't mean much in the grand scheme. Everyone is riding the bandwagon and Gorosei train is in trend now. We now will know all the more who the real supporters are.

So yeah. Trust in the old bozo Oda remains from my side.
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