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There is something utterly wrong in this chapter. First, we finally get to see, how Vegapunk came to decide, that he needed more hands to help him. “I wish there were five more of me…!!” And Oda even goes so far as to dedicate every single one of those 5 Satellites a separate speaking bubble:

2nd Lilith: “That’s it! I can create the weapon of my dreams now!!” (This want to use weapons is clearly shown in Lilith in particular, who likes to use weapons such as the Vegaforce 01, which she stated to be their dream project and the Bubble gun, she likes to use. She does also like to use violence against pirates and be involved in fighting.)

3rd Edison: “Ahhhh!! I just had another Eureka moment!!” (Here, Oda even uses the word “Eureka” to make that connection to Edison, as he usually has those ideas multiple times a day.)

4th Pythagoras: “Someone needs to write everything I’m thinking down!!” (And this is Pythagora’s job. He is also the one who analyses and interprets said data e.g. from the fight between the Seraphim and the SHPs.)

5th Atlas: “Damn it… the brain waves won’t stop!!” (Here Oda even uses a larger font size to highlight his emotional outburst, just like the usual outbursts we are seeing Atlas having, whenever she gets angry about something.)

6th York: “If only they could eat and use the toilet for me too, I’d never have to stop!!” (She is the Vegapunk, who even has a specific noun for what her job is – SDN-circle. (Snack-dump-nap-circle))

However, there is one Satellite missing in those panels. And it is Shaka the Satellite No. 1. He is mentioned with no word or speaking bubble by Oda. And oddly enough, Vegapunk also only talked about 5 persons he needed, instead of his 6 Satellites, who we came to know during Egghead arc. It means that Shaka was either not initially planned or already at Vegapunk’s side at that time and Oda only chose not to show him on any panel we saw in chapter 1100, because we were not meant to see him there.

Odd is also that Shaka seems to be the Satellite, who acts as the spokesman or leader of the other five and seems to be the closest to the Stellar, as Shaka considers the safety of the Stellar as his absolute priority and the Stellar in return goes first to Shaka, if he wants to know something as seen in chapter 1069. Also, both were seen being confronted by Cipherpol in the past as it felt that both seem to be the most important Vegapunks. Shaka also sticks out amongst the other Satellites through both, his influence to the plot and his panel time during the arc.

I wonder for how long both have been known each other now and how they met. We also need to see what under that helmet of Shaka is. It must be some face we could recognize, otherwise Oda would not have need to cover it with a helmet.

I also find it curious that Vegapunk tried to build an army to acquire peace the whole time. First, he tried to clone soldiers (like Stussy) and then it was cyborg-clones. “They’ll be heroes that protect the weak and helpless!”, as he put it. And look whom he wanted to use them against – pirates. Because Vegapunk seems not to like them that much, as he said in chapter 1099. Maybe his plan would have functioned, and he could have done something against those pirates, who pester innocent civilians.

But then the WG intervened and abused that good will and turned those heroes into weapons, whose worth is only defined by how many people they can kill – like Saturn put it.

To be frank, I feel like there is more to the fact that Vegapunk is working for the WG only because he gains funds for his work. I cannot quite put my finger to it, yet. The one panel of him with that shocked expression, when Kuma sacrifices himself for his adoptive daughter somehow feels too emotional for me to ignore and let it slide as a mere onlooker’s reaction. As if there is more behind those tears. To add to that feeling, we know that Dragon invited the Stellar to work for the RA. But Vegapunk declined in that evading way Oda likes to write in. It made me believe that there is more behind the curtain going on.

It fits well with the fact that Kizaru was there, when Vegapunk turned Kuma slowly into a cyborg. It tells us, that the WG did not trust Vegapunk in the least at that time and that Vegapunk may have even mirrored that thought back then. All I wonder is, how that distrust between both sides was birthed… .

There is clearly a history behind that, I want to see. And besides – we also do not know what happened during that small time skip and we also have so many small plot strands during this arc, which still have to be explained.

Therefore, I am utmost sure, if I say: I consider Kuma and Bonney’s story as a mere side plot of the arc. We have not come to the main plot problem of the arc, yet – but we are close, very close.