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Kuma "agreed" to the deal because after a childhood of enslavement and seeing his parents get killed he has an inferiority complex. He calls himself "a spineless pacifist" which when you think about it makes no sense because why would a real pacifist use violence to dethrone King Becori and join the Revolutionary Army? Kuma questions his right to live and wants to "be of use" to others which clearly stems from his slave mindset. One could argue that a person who has been victimized and manipulated to dislike himself to such a degree cannot consent willingly. All in ll, Kuma is a racist stereotype of a black enslaved person/an Uncle Tom. I'm really amazed tbh. Oda surpassed himself, it took him only 4 chapters to build and subsequently deconstruct a character in the most nonsensical and idiotic way.
How is Kuma an Uncle Tom if he became a revolutionary and only became a slave again to save his daughter?

the racist trope is of a slave who enjoys slavery, which Kuma surely does not embody.
So I have a question, been a few chapters since then but if Kuma was under such tight grasp from the WG, how did he guard the Sunny again?

I do recall reprogramming, I think but he apparently was under very tight supervision.
Kuma was under such a tight grasp until he lost his individuality. After that he was basically handed over to Vegapunk to continue cloning and creating pacifistas.