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How shocked is Kizaru at "the Power of Love"

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Kitetsu Wanker
Cope harder. I guess for Zoro fans only copium can help now.

-Bodied S bear
-Sleep diffed and KO'ed Lucci
-1 shotted and paralysed Kizaru for 12 chapters
-About to body Saturn

-About to get bodied by Lucci

Keep coping :luffylaugh::luffylaugh::luffylaugh:
All people Luffy fought as still up and fighting, that's all I see. Crappy healing punches, the usual from Godfy. :saden:

The community is giving Zoro vs Lucci way more attention than Oda does.
going to be honest, nobody genuinely give a shit about about Sanjino blocking a laser beam, Kizaru can fire thoousand of them at the same time
the concerning part is the shocked part why would he give a shit when the dark king popping outta nowhere or Nika eating a laser didn't have him break a sweat?
the simple answer would be he hit sanji with beam last chapter and it effect Sanji .
If Kizaru did again and it did nothing well of course he would be shock .
It the shonen of you think that move would work again shock face most likely .
Not open for further replies.