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He wasn't even in fighting mode the guy was literally drinking. Did Luffy break freezing when it wasn't his bone froze?

Doflamingo wasn't offguard + used DF so no comparison with DFless Pizarro getting caught offguard by Aokiji's DF power.

Aokiji isn't freezing Island Man Pizarro right now, he can literally control the island deeper ground, bedrock layer, he can't freeze that.
Kuzan is freezing and beating Pizzario. Do you think he is Sanji fight?
@NikaInParis Wrestlemania predictions:

Night 1
Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso wins, but in the end Jimmy somewhat ended up respecting his brother

Night 2
Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes
The Bloodline will still interfere, but Jimmy was nowhere to be seen. Either Seth and/or Randy Orton can interfere to help Cody.
In the end, Roman lost. The Rock disappointed with him, and along with Solo they beat down a defeated Roman. Suddenly both Jey and Jimmy came together to save Roman.
Then Roman went into long hiatus after wrestlemania.

What do you think?

Do you think will there be tag team of Roman + Rock vs Seth + Cody?
If there is one at Night 1, I guess the one pinned is 90% Seth Rollins, because pinning the other 3 will ruin the hype for night 2.
I thank lord for banning Kinyagi so he doesn't bait people with his shit this week :steef:
Cant see him being able to do that. He likes to bait Zoro/Sword fans and there is nothing in the chapter in this regard. Admirals are looking bad and Sanji in this chapter and I don't think he will bait those fandoms atm seeing how he was doing the opposite a few days ago.

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Lee is enough of a retard to think Luffy isn't going to look good after the whole flashback glazed him....

Almost as if...the main character has an entire narrative behind him.

It's so funny. Garp the Fist was absolutely right about you.

You are the quickest to dish shit out. But can't handle any criticism at all.
Where did I say Luffy would never look good in Egghead? Puppy seeing mirages in the desert again lmfao. Lolda will never make Nika look bad.

And actually it’s you who mentions my name 36 times in every single thread without once having the balls to tag me, probably because you know if I start addressing you I’ll humiliate you like I do every time.
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