How long will these 10 minutes take?

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Luffy pancaking Kizaru in a 1v2 cymbal clash with Saturn and throwing him to a battleship into an asthma attack, while Saturn comes back directly as it didn't affect him, was not something that even the biggest admiral agenda haters in this forum ever pushed
It's crazy like, even Greenbull did not have this bad of a showing, admiral meat riders hated on him calling him the weakest etc.. but now what will their excuse be for Kizaru?


The only one who can beat me is me
Maki held off 15F CE reinforcement only Sukuna using her better CQC and martial arts skill while Toji struggled tagging a weakened Megumi WITH a Cursed tool. :suresure:
Toji held back against his son. It's an honour for Maki to even be compared to Toji, humble yourself.

  • Fleet admiral sengoku with the human fruit model Buddha
  • His 3 admiral
    • Akainu with the magma fruit
    • Aokiji the ice fruit
    • Kizaru the light fruit
Ancient weapons
  • Luffy aka joyboy with his human fruit model nika
  • 3 ancient weapons
    • Pluton god of hell
    • Poseidon god of the sea
    • Uranus god of sky

A god allied with the land/hell sea and sky
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