How long will these 10 minutes take?

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This chapter finally confirms or at the very least semi confirms that Vegapunk is dead.

So Kizaru actually killed Vegapunk.:catrude:

People can downplay Kizaru all they want but at least he accomplished his mission.:finally:
Luffy successfully freed Ace in Marineford, doesn't mean he wasn't fodder to 90% of the people there at the time :saden:

"Luffy had help" and so did Kizaru with Saturn taking first blood on Vegapunk
I don't really think the crew will interfere much against the goroseis. Oda will probably let Luffy shine for a while against the 5 and then he receives support from outsiders like the giants and ancient robot.
Now that we got confirmation that dragon isnt coming, zoro helping nika is inevitable. the giant are going to be hypetool. 2 or 3 gorosei at best will handle nika while the other 2 go inside labophase.


Something tells me that oda will use Deus ex machina to allow luffy to use gear 5 for more than 5 minutes...

Incoming nika pill given by chopper lol.
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