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Should we open the chapter discussion thread for the iffy translation?

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Yeah the only known indicator being black lightning when even regular CoA attacks have some sort of black lightning (sometimes) fucked up the ability

Now no one knows when anyone does anything

Is Honesty Impact ACoC? We may not know for hundreds of chapters or till the anime clears it up

Also since Zoro fans have been saying something about this for a while I’m gonna ask you this… what is the green smoke if it’s independent of ACoC?
I’m pretty sure green smoke is ryuo, since we saw Enma constantly smoking whenever Zoro was using it in Wano. I think when Zoro “tamed” Enma he learned to give that same haki output to his other swords, and then that in tandem with CoC coating is what constitutes KoH

Still, that one panel of Zoro vs. Lucci with the smoking swords doesn’t really make sense considering every Zoro vs. Lucci panel afterwards was with 2 swords and no smoke

In general, I don’t really think Oda gave much thought to this fight nor to haki overall. So many inconsistencies, all to be exploited for the sake of agenda (myself included) lmao
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