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"Is clear" LOL just like it was clear the Strawhats would defeat Big Mom at Wano. Lol
Or how the SH would face the VA this arc:kobeha:

For all we know, the gorosei are Kid, Law, Sabo, Zoro, Sanji, Dragon victims
90 % of those VAs would get one shoted by Franky, thats why. We are talking about a yonkous crew here against random marines.
Luffy never used any ad haki against gorosei. Luffy became dumb by not using them. As simple as that.
Well that would be brain dead. But I dont think that is it really. More like

CoO - feel presence
AdCoO - future sight
SpCoO - CoO cancelation

CoA - hit intangible objects
BlCoA - black CoA defense and offense
AdCoA - ryou internal destruction

CoC - fodder control
AdCoC - coat attacks or body for defense
SpCoC - protects users soul or attack opponents soul

Perhaps SpCoC is needed against the Gorosei? Perhaps you cant deal damage to their physical bodies externally or internally but what about their souls?

If Brook (of all people) manages to hurt a Gorosei I’d be sure because he just happen to have the perfect counter, same as Luffy v Enel.
So Lucci did indeed get one shotted lmao. I'll give him some props tho for caring about Kaku and do a Whitebeard 0.5.

Lucci, even tho I'll clown you in front of Admiral stans and Zoro haters like Linyagi; deepdown I respect you. 🫡
The Gorosei showed us a glimpse of what it means to be stronger than an admiral. Even though they are not the same as a Yonko still. The Azure Dragon with sky splitting Haoshoku is still on another level to a pig with Haki roar, which represents a cheap version of what Pranks did, when sending Haki waves from dozens of miles away to make an admiral dance like a puppet. @Sasaki Kojirō
dude this "gorosei afraid of kaido, so they are weaker" didnt work in One Piece, classic Oda bullshit to hype someone, even if controversal. dozens of examples of this in OnePiece
90 % of those VAs would get one shoted by Franky, thats why. We are talking about a yonkous crew here against random marines.
My point is, we have to leave the idea that in each arc the straw hats will fight 1 vs 1 against the enemies of that arc, Oda likes to put many characters in each arc, strong characters who end up doing more than the straw hats themselves. In Wano we had Kid and Law, in Egghead we had Dorry and Brogy. And surely in the final battle (larger scale) Luffy will have allies stronger than the rest of his crew to face the Goroseis.

In fact, I dare say that in the battle against BB, it will not be a 1 vs 1 as everyone expects, probably characters like Coby, Garp, Aokiji etc... will join Luffy to fight against the BB pirates.
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