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What did Mars see?

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Yeah they should just let the Vegapunks get away, absolute genius
Kurwa has the lowest iq of anyone on this forum. It's a marvel the dude even remembers his password for his computer.
It's probably just the number one, but that's probably as hard to him as algebra would be to a newborn with a head injury
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I think I figured out what Mars is staring at. Look at the Den Den Mushi....

It's got a camera on top of it. I think it's recording and projecting off of a screen. The real broadcast is coming from somewhere else, and Mars realizes he can't stop it with only one minute left. That's why he has that look of horror on his face.
I was considering a scenario where maybe Vegapunk pulled a gigabrain plot and the plan all along was to lure the Gorosei to Egghead.
I know this part has been said before but perhaps that the 10 minutes wasnt a timer, this is a livefeed.
The real broadcast is coming from Vegapunk himself, the apple on his head being the antenna.

They have been chasing to stop the timer but its right there on Vegapunk himself.
Not him being a camera though.

Either that or I still think Shaka is alive and doing something.
At this point anyone who denies Gorosei are BARE MINIMUM

High Yonko Level

Is just lying to themselves.

An attack that damaged the fuck outta Kaido and reminded him of Oden..can not only not do shit to Gorosei but it hurts Luffy himself?

Like at this point Any Gorosei solos all 3 Admirals in 1v3.
1. It didn't damage tf out of Kaido. Luffy literally said his attacks were shallow and Kaido took a million attacks after that
2. Kaido was talking about Luffy griwth rate after 2 weeks.
no top tier is soloing 3 other top tiers 1 v 3
They aren't top tiers tho

They are beyond Pirate King level at least Gandhi
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Mid top tier(for now) = Saturn and Ju Peter
High top tier = Mars(probably stronger)
Above every character except for Imu= Nusjuro and Topman
I think Top Man loses to Roger Beard
Nusjuro beats them tho

He seems to be more balanced fighter
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