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What did Mars see?

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So why aren’t they teleporting to labo phase? It’s short distance as well
Hell, mars can summon them

I don’t understand your point with pacifistas. Again, they are not important to gorosei, they are doing nothing but attacking fodder ships
Meanwhile gorosei all tp there just to stop broadcast that would expose the truth to the world, yet venus is wasting PRECIOUS time on fodder pacifistas.
Man, if gorosei care about fodder marine so much why don’t they always teleport around and help them out?
Nusjuro literally god of finance. He saving money and more Marines available the harder its for SH to escape. Literally right now they got them surrounded their plan literally working. We know the asspull will Save the SH now aka Ancient Robot and something else most likely, but the Gorosei coordination is down. Luffy rab out of G5 and hurting from topman, nasjuro on giant ship, Saturn going for Sunny.
But they are literally important to the Gorosei lmao, hence why Venus is freezing them and not destroying them.

And Mars by himself found the source of the transmission, so what is your point? Why do all 5 need to be there? They dont want anyone to escape. They dont want the pacifista destroyed. They want the island destroyed. They want the broadcast stopped.

Thats why they all split up.Im sorry you dont agree with whats happening, but thats nobodies problem but yours.
All the elders not rushing to stop the message IMO show they got confidence .
Stopping the message is not the only thing they want to do even if it is the most important thing .
Mars seem have no issues tracking down the message and from what we see and having more people won't have help since mars could just blasted and destroy everything him self but could not .

Now you have the other elders doing other jobs.
2 trying to take out Luffy\nika , Saturn about to try and fuck up nami group.
Nusjuro save the marines lives and equipment and they now free to follow orders and he about to stop giants and bonney group .
All of this within 9 mins and they look like they could end everything there self but course something got save the SH groups.
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