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Which Gorosei Will Zoro fight?

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Zoro was never in danger facing Kaku
Sanji couldnt move,if kuma didnt showd up saturn wouldve killed bonney and your boy
Kaku never saved zoro from anything
Thats weak bait
Jinbei neither
But yo boy also wouldve faced the vp sitution from kizaru if luffy didnt save his ass
Now this
This is pathetic
The so called mvp let vp die and needed saving 3 times
Sanji makes punk hazzard smoker look cute
The only thing you even remotely have a point on is the saturn thing, that was the only time Sanji was legitimately saved this arc

all other times are pure agenda. You have no proof sanji was even remotely damaged by that weak ass bite and he was physically strong enough to send someone twice the size of nusjuro flying casually so no he wasn’t “saved” in the slightest

also you illiterate zoro worshipping npc Sanji casually deflected kizaru’s lazers twice 🤡
It's honestly sad when a character gets hurt they are suddenly trash.

And as we know the Gorosei don't take any real damage.
I wasn't around during Marineford but I just know they wouldn't have survived that shit lol
Imagine if it happened today and people saw Jozu busting Kuzan's lip, can you imagine all the slander and then the switch ups when Kuzan beats him the chapter after (though Jozu was kind of off guard but we all knew he wasn't winning that)?
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